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  Bill E-135/02-03 (Conde)



Alberto J. L. Conde
Buenos Aires Province's senator
Unión Cívica Radical Party

Bill number

Buenos Aires Senate: E-135/02-03

History of the Bill

06/06/2002 The bill of Free Software of senator Conde was submitted to the Senate of the Buenos Aires Province.
06/18/2002 The bill will be handled in sequence by the following committees:

1) Committee of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
2) Committee of General Legislation

Note Citizens interested in having this law approved can write to their senators. To contact each committee click on the text, on 1) or 2). 

07/16/2002 A committee meeting took place in the Committee of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Senator Conde's consultant Carlos M. Terrón was invited. He informed the committee about the bill E-135/02-03. It was decided to invite the Universities and government agencies to the next committee meeting in order to ask their opinions about the bill.
11/26/2003 The bill E-135/02-03 was passed by the Buenos Aires's Senate without amendment and was sent to the House for consideration. Senator Conde's speech [spanish]. Source: C. M. Terrón

Text of the Bill

06/06/2002 Original text [spanish]

Related documents

11/28/2002 Answer to CESSI Argentina. Author: Province senator Alberto Conde.

Discussion Forum

Those interested in discussing the text of the law can do it by means of the Proposición mailing list.

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